Last Updated 7/6/2018.

You can easily share Invite Page links (instead of their entire Partner Dashboard) directly with your Partners through the Message Partners tool! Read on to learn how you can add Partner Invite Page links to your Partner Message templates to send to your campaign Participants. 

Start by Making a New Partner Message Template

There is a new folder under the default Templates section called Partner Message. 

  1. Go to the Templates section on the left side panel of the app.
  2. Click 'Add Template' in the top right corner and select Default Partner Message as your starting point.

Note: You cannot add dynamic content to the standard Partner Message that appears when clicking "Message Partners." You must update a custom Partner Message template first! 

Adding Your Invite Page Link as Dynamic Content

Once you are in the Design section of your new Partner Message, follow the steps below.

  1. Click into the 'Dynamic Content' tab. 
  2. Select the '+Add Dynamic Content' button and click 'Invite Page Links'.

3. You can preview your Invite Page links by choosing an Event, Campaign, and Partner from their respective dropdown menu. From here you can customize the look of the links to match the design of your template. Check the box called "Show Stats" if you want your Partner to see the stats in the Message.

4. Hit 'Save' and then navigate back to the 'Design' tab. 

5. Once you are back in the 'Design' tab, drag and drop the Dynamic Content box to you template. Click into the box to change the Dynamic Content from Event Logo to Invite Page Links.

6. Hit 'Save'. You are all set to send this Partner Message out, which will now include your Partners' Invite page links.

Common Questions

How can I preview my Partner Message with populated Partner information?
You no longer need to create a test partner to preview your message! Click here to learn how to preview your message straight from the Template Builder. 

How do I send message to my Partners after I finished creating my template?
After you finished your template, you are ready to send your message through Message Partners. Once you are in the tool, you will be able to pick your template from the 'Message Template' dropdown menu located in the 'What do you want to say?' section.

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