Last Updated 7/2/18.

You can now customize how you would like your messages to look like in the Templates section, before sending them out to your Partners. Your Partner Message can be added as your chosen template when creating a message through Partner Messages. 

Creating Your Partner Message

You can find all Template types (Email, Banner, Page, and Partner Messages) under the Templates section in the left side panel of the app. 

  1. Click into the 'Templates' section in the left side panel.
  2. Create a New Template first by making a copy of an existing template.
  3. Name your Partner Message Template something that makes sense to you.
  4.  Once you've made your new Partner Message Template, click the 'Design' button to edit it.

5. Scroll down to see the page body. To the right are the drag and drop options to design your page - Content, Rows, and Settings.

6. Select 'Toggle Full Screen' to view the Template Builder in full screen view.

7. Design your Message to Partners, just like you would edit a Page or Email, following the directions here: How to Create and Design a Message Partners Template

8. Remember to hit Save when you're done!

9. Now, you can select that message based on the Name you gave it in Step 3. Once you go to the Message Partners section, you will be able to pick your pre-made template from the 'Message Template' dropdown menu.

Common Questions

How can I preview my Partner Message with populated Partner information?
You no longer need to create a test partner to preview your message! Click here to learn how to preview your message straight from the Template Builder. 

How do I send message to my Partners after I finished creating my template?
After you finished your template, you are ready to send your message through Message Partners. Once you are in the tool, you will be able to pick your template from the 'Message Template' dropdown menu located in the 'What do you want to say?' section.

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