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Feathr gives you the opportunity to target a larger audience by allowing Partners to opt-in to sharing their contact lists with you. Having access to this data means having access to a new audience that you can retarget with ads to your event. Read on to learn how you can supplement your current data by accessing your Partner's contact lists. 

Asking Your Partners For Consent

You have the option to choose whether or not you would like to ask your Partners to consent to sharing their contact list(s). You can change your preference at the event level. Note: You do not get access to their email data by default. 

1. Find your Event from the 'Events' section on the left navigation panel.

2. Click into your Event and select 'Edit Event'.

3. In the editing popup, find the consent statement: "Whenever a Partner of this event uploads a contact list, ____ if they would like to share that information with you".
The statement defaults to 'don't ask', however, you can change the button to 'ask' by clicking into it.

4. Click 'Save'.

How Partners Give Consent

Partners are prompted to choose whether or not they give consent to sharing their data when they upload their contact lists from their Partner Dashboard. 

To allow you to access their data, Partners must click into the checkbox next to the statement: "Share this list with my event organizer".

Contact lists from each consenting Partner will be added to your account as a segment. From there you can add the segments to a campaign and retarget them.

Common Questions

Where can I find the contact list data that was collected from my Partners?
All shared Partner contact lists can be found in the 'Segments' section as a segment. Every time a Partner shares their contact lists, a folder will be created in their name under your Event folder.  From there, you can click on the Partner's folder to access their contact lists. 

Note: Feathr will automatically create a Partner folder under your Event Folder as long it is has the exact name of your Event. If not, a new Event folder will be created.

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