Last Updated 6/21/18.

You've already created a beautiful template to be used for your campaign, but how can you see what it really looks like without those pesky merge tags? Feathr's new Template Preview allows you to view your templates with populated information without having to create a test Partner or campaign! Read on to learn how to preview templates that include your Partners' Custom Data.  

Previewing Your Template

1. Select your template from the 'Templates' section located on the left navigation pane. 

2. Click 'Toggle Preview' to open the template preview

3. Choose the Event, Campaign, and Partner you wish to preview from the 'Merge Data Sources' dropdown menus. 

Note: You do not need to have a campaign created to preview your template. Choosing a campaign only narrows down your partners, however, you MUST have created at least one Partner for the preview to pull from.

4. The Merge Data Sources will populate automatically, allowing you to preview the template with pulled merge tag Partner information.

Common Questions

If I fill out a form in the preview, will it be added to my data?
No. Although the preview allows you to submit a form, your information will not be included in your event's data. 

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