Last Updated 6/26/18.

Now that you have enabled Conversations, you might be wondering where the data goes whenever a web visitor answers your question. Once your question has been created, the Conversations tool will automatically create answer-based Segments for you. Read on to learn how to find those segments and access your Conversations data. 

Finding Your Conversations Segments

1. Select your Event from the 'Event' section located on the left navigation tab

2. Click into the 'Conversations' tab

3. Scroll down to the 'Answers' section and click the 'See Segment' button next to  either answer to be taken to its segment details page

4.  From here you can check out daily stats, see who's answered, or export the segment. 

Common Questions

How can I find Conversations segments from the 'Segments' section?
All Conversations segments will automatically go into its associated Events folder under the 'Segments' section. If a segment Event folder does not exist, one will be created. If the folder already exists, the segment will be added to it as long as the folder's name is exactly the same as the Event name. 

How can I use Conversations segments to benefit my event?
Conversations segments allows you to engage with your audience and retarget your them based on their answers. For example, if your Conversations question asked whether a web visitor was interested in either attending or become an exhibitor for an event and they choose 'exhibitor', you can retarget them with ads that advertise exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities for your event. Being able to target your audience with more personalized ads increases the likelihood that they will click and convert. 

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