Last Updated 6/21/18.

Feathr now gives you the ability to clone a previous message you have sent to your partners from the Message Partners section. You no longer need to recreate your templates from scratch when sending a new message to your Partners! Read on to learn how to clone a message in Message Partners. 

Cloning a Message

1. Navigate to the Message Partners tool by selecting 'Message Partners' from the left navigation pane. 

2. Find the message that you will like to copy and click on the ellipses under 'Option' to the far right.

3. Select 'Clone'. The new message will be an exact copy of the original, including the template. It will have the same event, partners, to: and from: fields, subject line and message. 

4. Update your message text, images, to: and from: fields, subject line, etc. with any changes.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the email to schedule your email to send, and click done.

6. Finally, scroll back up to the top of the email to click Publish!

Common Questions

How can I preview a message before sending it to my Partners?
To preview a message, we recommend creating a test Partner and including your own email in the Partner Contact section. Then you can send yourself a test message through the Message Partners tool so you can see the final results before sending to the rest of your Partners.

Why does Message Partners show that my message was sent, but I do not see it in my inbox or spam folder?
It is common for business email addresses to have filters set up to prevent emails from senders who do not meet a certain criteria. We recommend trying to send it to a personal email address and see if you receive it. If so, you will need to speak with your IT department so they can whitelist * to allow the messages to start coming through.

I scheduled my message to send immediately, but it still says 'Pending!' Why is that?
Your message is scheduled to send as soon as possible, but it can take up to one hour to process and make it through the queue. If it doesn't send after one hour, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email [email protected] to check if there are any issues.

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