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The Partner Activity tool allows you to keep track of how your Partners are interacting with your Invite Campaign and their Partner Dashboard. Every time one of your Partners completes a significant action, like viewing their dashboard or sending an Email Invite, the action will show here. The Partner Activity tool is especially helpful when checking which Partners have opened their Partner Messages, when Partners are sharing their Invite Content, and much more! 

Navigating to the Partner Activity Tool

1. Find your Event from the 'Event' section located on the left navigation pane.

2. Select 'Partners' under your Event. 

3. Once you are in the 'Partners' tab under your Event, click the dropdown arrow next to the 'Add Partners' button.

4. Select 'Partner Activity' to be directed to the Partner Activity Tool.

Using the Partner Activity Tool


The Partner Activity tool allows you to filter Partner activity using three different filters:

  • Partners: Filter your results by each Partner associated with your Event
  • Flavors: Filter your results by the type of Activity
  • Messages: Filter your results by the recipients of your Partner Messages


You can view more information regarding each Partner's specific activity by selecting 'Details'

  • Device: The type of device used to complete the action (e.g. desktop, mobile)
  • Platform: The type of platform used (e.g. Windows, OSX) to complete the action
  • Browser: The type of browser used (e.g. Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer) to complete the action
  • Source URL: The URL where the action was performed
  • Referrer URL: The URL of the page that brought the Partner to the Source URL
  • Event: The event associated with the Partner
  • Partner: The Partner who performed the action

Common Questions

How often does the Partner Activity Tool update?
The Partner Activity Tool updates in real time. However, if you are filtering your results, you may have to refresh the page or change your filters to show the most recent activity.

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