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Retargeting an Email List is a great way to target those who have not yet visited your site, but attended last year's event, or have signed up for your newsletter. Retargeting an email list is done via Email Mapping, which matches email addresses to pre-existing, 3rd party web cookies. By retargeting an Email List, you can expand your audience, therefore, creating a larger reach. 

How to Add an Email List to an Ad Campaign

Note: Before you can add an Email List to a campaign, make sure that it is formatted correctly. Click here to learn more about Email List formatting. Please ensure that your file does not have a password-protected setup to prevent any issues when uploading the document.

1. Navigate to your Event from the 'Event' tab located on the left navigation pane.

2. Select the 'Ad' tab and create your Ad Campaign by clicking '+ New  Campaign'. Read more about launching an Ad Campaign here.

3. Choose 'Email List' from the dropdown.

4. Fill out your campaign's basic information on the 'Info' tab of the Campaign Wizard. Click 'Target' when done. 

5. Email Lists are added in the 'Target' section of the Campaign Wizard. Click '+ Add Target'.

6. Click on the 'Browse' button to select and upload your Email List file from the Filestack popup. 

6. Continue setting up your Ad Campaign and then hit 'Finish' to flight your campaign. 

*Note: Email data can take 5-10 days to process (match the emails to available cookie data) so we encourage you to flight campaigns at least 5 days in advance of when you would like them to run. Your Ad Campaign will not spend any budget (or serve any ads) if it is only targeting email data until the data finishes processing. 

Common Questions

How large should my email list be?
Your uploaded email list should have at least 2,500 addresses in it. This will increase the chances of matching the email addresses with their pre-existing web cookies.

Can I upload multiple lists into one?
Definitely! You can continue to add Email List segments in the 'Target' section of the campaign wizard, or combine your lists into one file to upload. Note: We recommend keeping email list retargeting campaigns separate from site retargeting campaigns, so we recommend only targeting the same type of target per campaign.

Why does my campaign show impressions, but no spend when I'm only targeting emails?
When you flight your campaign your associated creatives go through a testing process before the campaign really starts to make sure they link and track correctly. This happens while your email data is being processed-- test clicks are reported in Feathr, but because the email data is still being processed your Target Segment hasn't seen any impressions so you aren't being charged, so no spend is reported. 

Why does my email list only start processing when I target it in a campaign?
Our system tries to first match any of the users in your list with users that have already tracked by your Feathr Super Pixel. If there are more users that are already tracked via custom data (via form fills, for example), the system will target those first and then process the email data.

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