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Important: Conversations is currently not compatible with Firefox or Edge browsers.

Conversations is a great way to engage with your audience all year round. It can easily be placed on any page that contains the Feathr Super Pixel. Using the tool, you can gather leads on potential exhibitors or registrants and retarget them based on their answers. Read on to learn how to create and configure the Conversations widget. 

Navigating to Conversations

1. Go to your Event's profile page and find the 'Conversations' tab. If you have not created a Conversation yet, you will see a screen prompting you to get started. 

2. Click the button to create your first Conversation.

3. You'll be presented a form and a preview section to configure your question. 

Configuring Your Conversations Question

Here's a breakdown of the different parts of the page to help you understand what each part configures:

Enabled Toggle

If this checkbox is checked, the question will appear on your website given everything else is configured correctly. If it is not checked, the question will not appear for anyone. This can be used as a kill switch in case you want to remove the question from your website.

Included Domains

To configure which website you want to see the question on, click the blue [+] button in this section. A text input will appear for you to type the name of the website. Please keep in mind that you must type the domain only, not http://  or https://  or anything following your base domain. For instance is valid but  is not valid because it's not only the base domain of your website.

To find the base domain of your website correctly, simply visit the website in your browser. Look at the url bar and find the text that is in between the https://  and the following /

For example, if I wanted a question to load on Feathr's landing page, I would type in because that's what shows up in my browser when I view the page. I wouldn't type in  because that would be missing the  www. . Each website is different so pay close attention to this detail!

Excluded Domains

If there are any pages you want to exclude from having the question appear on, like your registration page, you'd use this. 

Unlike the Included domains, you can type anything in here. If the url contains the text you entered in at least one of the inputs, it will not load. For instance, if I set up my included domain as  and the user is on , but I didn't want a question to appear here, I could type in /registration  to prevent the question from being asked here.

Display Customization

You can edit the look of the Conversations widget by customizing the color and the bubble image. Customize the widget to seamlessly match the design of your webpage!

  • Primary Color: The color of the header. You have the option of using HEX code or choosing your color from the color wheel.
  • Secondary Color: The background color of each each answer. You have the option of using HEX code or choosing the color from the color wheel.
  • Upload File: Upload your own image or logo to change the look of the Conversation bubble.

Question Configuration

Here is where we get to the nitty-gritty - your question! Type the question you want to ask in the input here. You can optionally configure the question delay, which will delay how long it will take for the question to appear on your site after the page loads. The default is 5 seconds, but you can set it to any number.

Here you can add the possible answers the user can choose from. If there are no answers, you'll see an empty view. Click the blue [+] button to add new possible answers.

Try to keep your list to three or four possible answers. There is no limit right now, but if you overflow the user with possible answers they may not respond at all!

If you are happy with your configuration, press the green Save  button at the top of the page.

Once you save your changes, you'll be able to see what the question will look like in the preview section!

Common Questions

How long does it take for Conversations to pop up on my website once I have finished configuring the question?
Conversations should pop up almost immediately once you saved you finished creating your questions. Please contact Feathr Support if you are still not seeing your question after 10 minutes.

Why do I not have access to Conversations for my Events?
Conversations is a feature that must be added on to your account. If you wish to add Conversations, please contact your Account Executive or dedicated Customer Success Manager, and they can help you get started!

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