Last Updated 5/16/18.

This article will walk you through how to create and add a form to your Invite Page and Email templates.  Submissions that include contact information can be used to generate leads for your Partners. 

Create Your Dynamic Content

  1. Navigate to your Template. You can create a new one or edit an existing template
  2. Click on 'Dynamic Content' tab above the template
  3. Click on the 'Add Dynamic Content' button menu select 'Form'

Edit Your Form


  • The Name of your form will appear as a Dynamic Content option in the template editor
  • Text Color, Background Color, Font are all editable to edit the display of your form
  • Add a Title which will appear as the headline on your form
  • Add a Subtitle to provide instructions or additional information
  • Add the text shown on your Button included in the form
  • Add what you would like your form to tell the user once it has been successfully submitted under your Confirmation Text


  • Add the Title of any field that you would like to include in your form
  • Add Placeholders to show the user an example in the field box of a valid response
  • Check the box to make the answer required before being able to submit the form
  • Be sure to Save your form before leaving the page.

Add the Form to Your Template

  1. Return to the 'Design' tab 
  2. Select the 'Dynamic Content' content type from under the 'Content' section of the template editor
  3. Drag and drop the 'Dynamic Content' content type into the location where you would like your form to display
  4. Select the gray dynamic content box. From under the 'Content Properties' select the name of the form you created 

Generate Leads for your Partners Using Forms

Your Partners are able to keep track of any Leads that they generated by participating in your campaign. Leads are created when a person, that Feathr has contact information for, does something substantial like filling out a form or clicking on a banner using the Partner's Invite Material. Whenever a person fills out a contact form, Feathr will capture that information and create a lead. Partners have the ability to export the list as a spreadsheet or PDF. 

Note: A person will not appear as a lead if they are labeled as 'anonymous'.

Best Practice: Include Privacy Agreements

Due to privacy concerns concerning leads, it would be best practice to include a simple privacy confidentiality agreement near the forms that you include on your Landing Pages that lets the user know how their information will be used. An example statement would be:

“By submitting this form you are agreeing to release this information to the exhibitor & show organizers for marketing purposes and to be contacted by them, as well."

A privacy agreement gives users the opportunity to decide whether or not they feel comfortable filling out your form based on that information.

Common Questions

Why can't I see the form when previewing my template?

Your form will display as a gray dynamic content box until it is previewed with populated information on a Partner Dashboard. To preview a template with the populated form, we recommend creating a test Partner and adding them to an Invite Campaign that includes the template. You can preview the template, including your form, on the test Partner's dashboard.

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