Last Updated: 5/4/18.

Partner Variables are used when importing your Partners and associating them with your Event. They also allow you to customize their Invite Material that's used in Invite Campaigns. Along with the default variables Feathr provides, you can also include custom variables which allows you to further customize their material. 

Imported Partners

You can add your Custom Variables during a Partner Import. You can see how to format a Partner List here

During the Map section of importing Partners, you can select an existing variable to map to, or create a new one. 

  1. To create a new variable, navigate to the corresponding Attribute field of the field you are importing, and type in the name of the new variable you want to create.
  2. Click Enter/Return to save the new variable name. 
  3. The format defaults to a Text input, but you can select another format to the right of your new field, like numerical, or date/time.

Partners Added Manually

Note: To add Custom Data to a Partner manually, the variables must have been already created through a previous Partner Import.

1. Login to Feathr, and select 'Events' from the left side panel.

2. Find and select the Event you want to add a Partner to.

3. Click on the 'Partners' tab at the top of the page.

4. In the top right corner, select 'Add Partner'. The following popup will appear:

5. Fill out all relevant information for your Partner (Name, Website, Email, Description)

6. Add any of the Custom Data fields that you are using for your campaign (i.e. booth number, Partner registration link, Speaker session) by selecting 'Add Custom Data'

6. Select 'Save'. You should now see the new Partner under the Partners section of the Event.

Common Questions

What do I do with my Partners now that I've created them?
Now that your Partners and uploaded and associated with an Event, you can create an Invite Campaign under your Event. This will create your Partners their own unique marketing material to share with their customers or prospects and encourage them to attend the event. 

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