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Your Invite Campaign Details page allows you to determine the health of your campaign by providing you insight on how people are interacting with your digital collateral. Below is an overview on what you can find on your Invite Campaign Details page. 

Basic Data Points

The details page includes basic data points to show you a brief overview of how your campaign is doing.

  • Active Participants: Participants become 'Active' when they've shared your Invite Material and received more than 5 interactions (page views, clicks, email sends, email opens, etc.). 
  • People: Unique people who have interacted with the campaign.
  • Breadcrumbs: The number of interactions your Invite Campaign created.
  • Total Page Views: The number of views your Invite Page created.

Campaign Activity Graph

The Campaign Activity Graph is great visual reference to show the performance of your campaign based on each of your Invite Materials over the last 30 days.  

By clicking on 'Settings' located right below the graph, you can configure the graph to show your preferred metrics. 


The 'Performance' tab gives you an overview of conversion tracking and attribution for your Invite Campaign. You will be able to see what partners are contributing the most to your message and what Invite Pages, Emails, and Banners are contributing the most to audience engagement.

For a detailed overview of the 'Performance' tab and how we calculate conversions, check out our article here


The 'Participants' tab allows you to see detailed information about each of your campaign's Participants all in one place. 

The amount of interactions that a Participant generates shows who is actively sharing your content and promoting your Event. 

  • Status: Participants become 'Active' when they've shared your Invite Material and received more than 5 interactions
  • Dashboard: Click to go directly to a Participant's Partner Dashboard
  • Contact: A Partner's email contact information
  • Active People: The total number of people who have engaged in some way with one of your digital properties (also known as Active Audience)
  • Dashboard Visits: The total number of times a Participant has visited their Partner Dashboard
  • Page Views: The total number of views each Participant received on their Invite Page
  • Email Opens: The total number of times people have opened a Participant's  Email Invite
  • Banner Views: The total number of times people have viewed your Invite Banner 

Message Participants

The 'Message Participants' tab allows you to send an email blast to all of your campaign's Participants. Selecting the 'New Message' button from your Invite Details Page will take you to our Message Partners email template with the Event, Campaign, and Partners already populated in. 

For more information on how to use the Message Partners tool, check out this step-by-step guide.


The 'Templates' tab shows every template involved in your campaign along with the number of views and clicks they received. 

You have the opportunity to edit your templates associated with this Invite Campaign directly from the 'Templates' tab. By editing your Templates here, the changes will automatically update on your Partners' Dashboards, and there's no need to resend them their collateral.

Note: Keep in mind, that it usually takes around 20 minutes to update the changes on your Participants' Partner Dashboards. 


The 'Goals' tab gives you an overview of the Goal Segment that you chose for your Invite Campaign. 

Note: The segment you select for your Campaign Goal should be the Segment that a user joins for the first time when they complete the desired action your campaign is driving. 

Email Invites

The 'Email Invites' tab shows every message that a Participant sends using your Email Invite Material

  • Message: The title of the Email Invite along with the date and time it was sent
  • From: The email address the message was sent from
  • Date Requested: The date and time the Partner requested to send the message
  • Date Sent: The date and time the message was sent
  • Emails Sent: The total number of Email Invites that were included in the email blast
  • Opened: The total number of times the message was opened
  • Clicked: The total number of times a user opened the message and clicked on a link

Common Questions 

What can I do with the information found on my Invite Campaign Details page?
The interactions that you can find on your details page can help you determine how you should tailor your Invite Campaign to reach a larger audience.

  • Determine the health of you campaign by tracking the number of unique people that are interacting with your content
  • Determine the Invite Campaign Template that is receiving the most interactions and have your Participants focus on sharing those
  • Keep track of who's 'Active' and who is 'Inactive' so you can see which Partners are actively participating in your campaign and which might need an extra nudge to start participating

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