Last Updated: 5/28/2019

You can easily invite your teammates to Feathr, allow them to create their own passwords, and control who has access to Events.

Create a new user

To add a new user to Feathr, login to your Feathr account and navigate to the three dots in the top right corner. Click there and select the 'User Settings' option. 

On the next screen, navigate to 'Users & Teams' in the second column. To invite a team member to join Feathr, click the 'Invite Users' button on the upper right hand side of the page.

A dialogue box will pop-up prompting you to enter the email of the person you'd like to invite. That individual will receive an email with a link to create their password and confirm their Feathr account. When the invited user clicks that link to create their password for Feathr, it will look like this: 

Manage Teams

Teams in Feathr are a way to provide users access to events. A team is comprised of a list of Members and a list of Events. All members of a team will have access to all events associated with that team.

Requirements (Admin Only)

For security reasons, only Admins can create and edit teams in Feathr. If you are not an Admin but would like Admin status, please contact the Support Team or your Customer Success Manager.

The Default Team

By default, all accounts in Feathr start with a team labeled "Default Team (All Users all Events)". The default team is a special team, as it is managed by Feathr automatically. All new users and all new events are automatically added to this team. As a result, all new users will have access to all events.  If your organization does not have multiple users and teams, or does not require custom access, you'll typically only need to use the Default Team.

Editing The Default Team

The default team is editable and can be archived. Any Event or User removed from the default team will not be added back automatically and will require an Admin to update the team if the removed entity should be replaced. New users and events will continue to be added automatically.

Additional Information

Admins can see all Events regardless of their team. Feathr users can be affiliated with more than one team, and Events permissions can be granted to multiple teams.

If a user is not in the Default Team, they will not be able to see newly created Events until an admin adds the Event to their team.

If the Default Team is archived, it can be restored, but for security reasons it will require approval from your Customer Success Manager or the Support team. 

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