Last updated 7/26/2018.

Partner Lists allows you to see valuable information about each Event Partner. Partner Lists can be a great reference to find Partner Basic Information, Dashboard and Invite Page links, and Partner stats all in one place. Read on to find out how to export your Event's Partner List.

Exporting the Data

1. Select 'Events' from the left side navigation pane.

2. Find and click on the event that your partners are associated with.

3. Navigate to the 'Partners' tab under your Event.

4. Find and click on the drop-down arrow next to the 'Add Partner' button and select 'Export Partners'.

5. Click '+ New Export' to create a new Partner Export.

6. If you want to include Invite Page Links in your export, you must include the campaign that your Partners are associated with from the dropdown menu.  

7. The Partner Export tool automatically populates External ID, Partner Name, Partner Email, Partner Dashboard Link, Invite Page Links, and Tags as fields. You can remove a field by clicking the 'X' to the left of each field or add a field by choosing an option from the Fields dropdown menu.

8. Click 'Start'. Your list's status will show as pending as your export begins processing.

Note: It can take up to 5 minutes for a list to finish processing.

9. Refresh your page. Once the status changes to 'Ready', you can click 'Download' to export your list as as spreadsheet.

What kind of information can I find on my Partner List?

The Partner List should export as a spreadsheet that includes basic Partner information, as well as any data points that they may have collected by sharing your marketing content during an Invite Campaign. 

1. Basic Partner Information

  • External ID
  • Partner Name
  • Partner Email
  • Profile Links
  • Partner Dashboard link
  • Invite Page links

2. Invite Campaign Analytics

  • Active Yes/No (to be active means they have at least 5 data points)
  • Total Data Points (this includes Email Opens)
  • Invite Page Views
  • Invite Page Link Clicks
  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad Clicks

Common Questions 

How can I use my Partner List?

The Partner list is especially handy when it comes to referencing the success of your Invite Campaign on the spot. You can see which Partners are actively sharing your Invite content and which may need a boost.

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