Last updated: 7/23/2018.

You can upload the Partners that are participating in your event to Feathr to associate them with Invite Campaigns or flight Monetization Campaigns on their behalf. Before you import your Partner List, please read below on how to format your list to avoid errors.

Format your list

Collect your Partner data in a spreadsheet. Each column is dedicated to a different keyword you want to record in Feathr. 

Your spreadsheet should look something like the example below, with each column header identifying which keyword is listed below it. Save your spreadsheet as an utf8-encoded .csv or .xlsx file, then login to Feathr to import your data.

Default Partner Keywords

The following merge tags are available by default for every Partner in Feathr:

external_id  is a unique identifier that is associated with this Partner. For example, if you record exhibitor or speaker information in your CRM or dedicated partner tool they most likely have an ID in that platform. You can associate this unique, external ID with their record in Feathr so if you need to make changes to the Partner or their keywords in the future you and Feathr can reference this ID to avoid creating duplicate records. It is not a keyword or merge tag that displays on custom Invite material.

partner_name  is the name that will identify this Partner and be displayed on their Invite material. Commonly a company or speaker's name.

partner_email is the contact email associated with this Partner. This is the individual email address that will receive messages sent through Feathr regarding their Invite material. You can have more than one email address in a single cell, separated by commas (no spaces!).

partner_logo (optional) is the URL of the image associated with the Partner, usually a logo or a headshot.

partner_description (optional) is a brief description of what the Partner does, where they will be located at the event, their products, etc. 

partner_website (optional) is the Partner's website where a visitor can find more information about the Partner. 

PROMO_CODE  (optional) is a unique promotional or discount code associated with the Partner.

BOOTH_NUMBER (optional) the location of an exhibitor's booth at your event.

CUSTOM_REG_LINK  (optional) a unique registration link associated with the Partner, often a custom UTM link.

Custom Merge Fields

Besides the default variables available, you can also include custom variables in your Partner Import by adding them as additional column headers. Custom variables are unique pieces of information that can be included for each Partner to help further customize their Invite material.

Common examples of custom variables are:
SPEAKER_SESSION information about the content and/or location related to each speaker.

SESSION_DATE when a speaker's session takes place.

SESSION_TIME  what time a speaker's session takes place.

Note: If you have multiple Invite Campaigns, you should upload a different file for each campaign. For example, if you have an "Exhibitor" campaign, you should upload a spreadsheet with only the exhibitors to be associated with that Invite Campaign. If you also have a "Speaker" campaign, you should upload a separate spreadsheet of the speakers to be associated with that campaign. 

What's Next?

After you have your Partner list properly formatted, head over to your Event to import your Partner List! 

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