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Invite Campaigns are used to create custom invite materials for your Partners based on the Templates you build and then select for your campaign. Learn more about what Invite Campaigns are, when, and how to use them here.

The following guide outlines the suggested sequence to follow for creating Templates and launching Invite Campaigns, and includes links to relevant help articles related to each topic.

Create and design the templates you want to provide for your Partners

Helpful articles: 

Getting started:

Design help: 

Import your Partner Data

 You can import separate lists of Speakers, Exhibitors, and Partners. 

  • This is when your Partners' custom keywords will be imported (i.e. booth number, custom reg link, or promo code), which can appear in their invite pages, banners, or emails.
  • Custom keywords create new 'Merge Tags' which can be selected in when designing a template. These pull in the imported information related to each Partner to show on their custom collateral.

Launch an Invite Campaign 

  • Launching an Invite Campaign is what creates the collateral for your Partners. It does not show ads or send emails automatically to the Participants of the campaign. That's the next step!
  • You can select which Partners receive specific templates, by selecting individual Partners or Lists you've uploaded. 

Send the collateral to Partners using the Message Partners tool

Through Message Partners you can send your Partners a link to their Partner Dashboard where they can access their custom invite materials. 

  • You can use different list tags to send different messages to sponsors vs. speakers vs. exhibitors.
  • You can also export your Partner Links to send them on your own.

Edit the Campaign if any changes need to be made

  • You can edit the Campaign if any changes need to be made to your Participants.
  • You can also edit active templates associated with a campaign in your Invite Campaign's Details Page. Those changes will reflect on Partner level invite material without needing to update any Partner links. 

Common Questions

What's on the Partner Dashboard?
The Partner Dashboard is sent to the Partners via the Message Partners tool. It houses all of the collateral you've created for them. You can also send out this article to your Partners, so they know how to use the Dashboard themselves: How to Use Your Partner Dashboard or this Video Walkthrough: Using Your Dashboard.

How can I update Partner information?
You can update any Partner information by Editing Partners. This is where you can edit any custom data you imported, like booth number or promo code. Changes made here will reflect on the Partner's collateral in ~20 minutes.

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