Last Updated: 10/8/2018.

This article will walk you through how to create and add countdown timers to your Invite Page and Email templates. Countdown timers are a great way to create urgency to drive prospects to register for your event. 

Create your Dynamic Content

  • Navigate to your template. You can create a new one or edit an existing campaign template 
  • Click the 'Dynamic Content' tab next to 'Design' at the top of the template
  • Click the 'Add Dynamic Content' button and select 'Countdown Timer'

Edit your Countdown Timer

  • 'Name' This will be the name that will appear as a Dynamic Content option in the template editor
  • 'Countdown to' Your timer will countdown to this date
  • 'Size' is the display width of your timer
  • 'Text Color', 'Background Color', and 'Font' are all editable 

Add the Countdown Timer to your Template

  • Return to the 'Design' tab 
  • Select the 'Dynamic Content' content type from under the 'Content' section of the template editor
  • Drag and drop the 'Dynamic Content' content type into the location where you would like your countdown timer to display
  • Select the countdown timer. From under the 'Content Properties' select the countdown timer you created 

Your countdown timer will display as a gray dynamic content box. It will populate as a dynamic countdown timer on populated Invite pages and emails. 

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