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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for Feathr ID (formerly CRM) customers to implement Google Tag Manager across your sites, instead of placing the Super Pixel across your sites. By implementing GTM across all of your sites, publications, and registration vendor(s), and granting Feathr access, our team can then easily insert your Super Pixel to track your site visits, and create or edit any custom data snippets that will capture form or registration data.

Get Started with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

STOP: If you already have a container for your event, you do not need to do steps 1-3 below.

  1. Create a Google account:
  2. Sign into the GTM platform using your Google account in step 1
  3. Click Create Account in the top right corner, and fill out the fields as follows:
  • Account Name: Your organization's name, followed by your Feathr Account ID (e.g. Feathr 5589c9c30a6540a7a33d3838) *Note: Your Feathr Account ID is the string of numbers and letters that can be found in your Super Pixel, next to "fly." See where to find your Account ID below:
  • Container Name: The website(s) or related Event(s) you would like the pixel to be placed on (e.g.
  • Where to use Container: Select Web
  • Click Create
  • Click Yes to agree to Google Tag Manager Terms of Service Agreement

After you have completed steps 1-3, you will be presented with a screen (see below) that contains instructions as well as some Javascript code - this is your Google Tag Manager.
As indicated by the instructions, this piece of code needs to be placed within the <head> tag on every page of your website(s), including your reg vendor where you'd like the Super Pixel to track.

You can either copy/paste both pieces of code into a text editor, such as Notepad for Windows, or TextEdit for Mac, and send the files to your Web Developer. Or, you can copy/paste the code yourself in your website headers.

Warning: When Saving the Javascript

It is important you copy these scripts into a text editor and save them as a .txt file and do not copy and paste the Javascript directly into an email. If you do not save them in a plain .txt file you may cause the Javascript code to not work properly on your website.

If you accidentally exit the screen without copying the Google Tag Manager Javascript code and instructions, you can pull it back up by clicking on the link shown below:

Give Feathr Permission

After you have sent this information to the Web Developer to place on your site, or placed it on your site(s) yourself, you need to give Feathr "Publishing Permission" to your Google Tag Manager Account. This will allow our developers to insert your Feathr Super Pixel and any custom data snippets onto your pages, so we can test them easily. To give Feathr permission, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to Google Tag Manager
  • Click Admin
  • Click User Management
  • Click the + button in the top right corner
  • Select Add Users
  • Check the box for 'Publish' permissions and click "Invite" in the top right corner

Add [email protected] and your CSM's email address to notify us that we now have permission to edit your Google Tag Manager. Now we can place your Super Pixel to get tracking started right away. 

Final Steps:

Once you have completed all of steps in this guide, identify the Google Tag Manager ID and copy it to send to your Customer Success Manager. 

How to find your Google Tag Manager ID

On the main page of your Google Tag Manager workspace, in the top right corner is a code of GTM with 6 characters after it, like this: GTM-123ABC.

Email your Feathr Customer Success Manager to inform them that you have completed the required steps and send them your Google Tag Manager ID from above. Make sure you have given your CSM and [email protected] publishing rights to the tag!

*Don't forget! As indicated by the instructions, this piece of code needs to be placed on every page of your website(s), including your reg vendor where you'd like the Super Pixel to track.

Common Questions

Where do I find my Feathr Account ID?
To find your Feathr Account ID, login to Feathr. Click Super Pixel on the left side panel. In your Super Pixel code, there is a line that starts with feathr("fly" . The numbers and letters to the right of this is your Feathr Account ID.

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