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When editing your Templates, you can add images to the Page, Email, or Banner. There are a few ways to add in images, but one way is to import and select those images from the File Manager

Getting Started

Before you can begin using the File Picker, which is only available in the Template editor, you need to create a new template: How to Create a New Template

  1. Drag and drop a structure block into the template editor.
  2. Then, drag and drop an image block into the structure you just added.
  3. Click the Browse button to open up the File Manager.

4. You may see a folder or two which contain some default images. 

5. Click into a folder to see the contents. You may see image files or more folders. Here you can see the name of the file, the date it was uploaded, the size, and the type.

6. Now you can do one of three things: select a file to use in your Template,  upload a new file, or import your own file to use.

  • Select a file: to use one of the files available, you can click on the name of the file, or hover over the file to see icons appear to the right. Click the 'Insert' button to insert the file into your Template
  • Upload a file: click Upload to select a file from your desktop.
  • Import a file: click Import to import a file from the web across one of the available platforms.

Once you've uploaded or imported a file, then you can select it from the File Manager to insert it into your Template. 

How to Create a New Folder

If you want to create a new folder, perhaps for files relating to a particular Event, it's easy to make a new one. 

  1. While in the File Manager, click the "folder +" icon in the top right corner.

2. A new section to add a folder will appear in the File Manager below.
3. Name your folder something relevant that makes sense to you.
4. When you're done, click the check mark next to the name to add the folder.

5. Now you can add files to your new folder.

How to Search for Files

If you haven't made folders or just have a lot of files that may be hard to look through individually, you can use the search tool in the File Manager to find your file by name.

  1. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the File Manager.
  2. Type in your search term. This pulls from the file name itself.
  3. Results that match the search criteria will appear below.

4. Select your file from the results to insert into your template. 

Common Questions

Why can't I edit certain folders or files?
Some files or folders might be "Read Only" for certain users, based on their permission settings. If you see an error message below and have questions, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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