Last updated: 10/9/18

There are different default templates in Feathr that you can customize and use for Invite Pages, Emails, Banner Ads, and Partner Messages which are used in Invite Campaigns. Follow the instructions below to create a new template you can use.

How to Create a New Template

  1. Login to Feathr
  2. Click 'Templates' in the left sidebar navigation

You'll see a Default folder, and inside that are Email, Page, Invite Banner, and Partner Message folders. You can preview the available default layouts available. 

Note: These templates can be edited, but can't be saved, so you need to create your own new template copy to customize and use in a campaign.

3. Add Template. Click 'Add Template' in the top right corner. A popup modal will appear to set the Name, Folder (optional), and which default template you're using as your starting point.

4. Click 'Create' to save your new template. You'll find your new Template in the folder you added it to or directly in the home 'Templates' section.

5. Click the 'Design' button on your newly created template to get started.

Common Questions

Can I design a default template?
You can edit a default template, however, you cannot update the template. You must save a copy to save and use the template in your campaign. 

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