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What is an Invite Campaign?

An Invite Campaign allows the Partners of your event refer and invite their customers and colleagues to the event (or webinar, happy hour, etc.). It is actually a group of up to 3 sub-campaigns that each have their own templates and tracking: 

  •  Pages
  •  Emails
  •  Banners

Each sub-campaign will produce these different pieces of content for the Partners to use. The Invite Campaign will keep all of the different pieces organized for use and reporting.

When setting up an Invite Campaign, you can select what kind of content (see the 3 types above) you want them to use, what that content looks like, and what the Goal of the campaign is (registrations, purchases, downloads, etc.). It's as customizable as an Ad Campaign!

When to Use Invite Campaigns

You should use Invite Campaigns in any situation where you want your Partners (Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers, etc.) to invite or refer their contacts to your event. Encouraging and enabling your exhibitors to invite their customers and prospects to your event is a very common use case. 

However, it doesn't have to stop there. Why not include Speakers and Sponsors as well? And don't just think about your Event-- you could use these for membership referrals, webinars, educational programs, and more. The world (of referrals and invites) is your oyster!

What does Invite Campaign Content Look Like?

You'll design the Invite Campaign's Content just like you would design an Invite Page. Each piece can have keywords that populate with each of your Partners' customized information, like their Booth Number, Website, or Logo, for example.

Again, each of these is optional to use; it's up to you what you want your Partners to have access to. If you're not sure, we recommend just starting with Invite Pages.

Example Invite Page

Example Invite Email

Example Invite Banner

Once the templates for each piece of content are made, it's easy for your Partners to update their information to customize their collateral, save, and share! 

How do my Partners Access their Content? 

When you make and launch an Invite Campaign, it will automatically target the Partners of your event. When the Partners receive their Partner Dashboards, it will automatically be populated with the types of Invite Content you chose, with easy "share" buttons. 

For a detailed look at what can be found on a Partner Dashboard, check out our article 'Invite Partner Dashboard Overview'.

Now that we've covered the basics of what an Invite Campaign includes, we can start designing the Content and launching the campaigns. Follow the sequence of articles below to get going.

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