Last Updated 8/7/2018.

When viewing campaign performance, you can configure the Campaign Activity graph to show your preferred settings. This is helpful for comparing different campaign activity based on the metrics you are measuring.

  1. Select your Event from the 'Events' section found on the left navigation pane. Find your campaign - it doesn't matter if it's active or disabled.
  2. Click into the Campaign to see the tracked stats. You'll see a line graph of the Campaign Activity.
  3. The default settings show the number of Impressions vs. Clicks
  4. Click the 'Settings' button below the chart. 

5. Select your preferred chart settings. You can choose from Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Active Users, and New Users for both Chart A and Chart B

6. Once you choose your preferred settings, click 'Save Settings'. Now, the graph will reflect the settings you selected.

Common Questions

Why should I change the campaign graph settings?
You don't have to, but the options are helpful if you want to compare any different metrics rather than the default impressions vs. clicks. Since these are the two main metrics Feathr reports on, you may want to see other various data points in the graph.

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