You're most likely using another email provider to send out newsletters, event updates, and general communication to your members or email lists, so you probably have a good idea of subject line best practices. Maybe you even use A/B testing, which is a great way to test successful email subjects. But, if you're using our Message Partners tool to send out Invite Page or Partner Dashboard links, we have a few extra tips for you. 

Below are the main takeaways that you should try to incorporate into your subject lines and messages, with examples included:

1. Urgency. Communicating urgency in an email subject line can help compel readers to click (or act) -- when phrased creatively and strategically. 

2. Curiosity. If your subject line piques the recipient's natural curiosity and interest, they'll have to open the email to get more information. That can result in, well, a higher open rate. 

  • Want to get more foot traffic to your booth? 
  • Did you know this tool was available to you to drive more engagement with your booth?
  • Learn how Exhibitor X generated their own Event registrations!

3. An offer. At the end of the day, people love new things and experiences -- especially when they come free, or at least discounted. Open with that by including it in your subject line.

  • FREE tool to generate interest and foot traffic!
  • Share this free, customized link with your prospects!
  • Share this link to give your customers discounted reg prices! (If you are offering discount promo codes)

4. Relevance and timeliness. Craft email subject lines that incorporate trending topics or timely notices. Perhaps you can share an article about increasing exhibitor engagement. And of course, send the email at a time the exhibitor is most likely to open it--not at 3am. 

5. Name recognition. Include big Sponsor or Speaker names, or competitors that are attending as well to pique their interest, or engage their competitive spirit.

  •  @[email protected] is at booth XX -- how will your prospects know where you are?
  • So many people are excited to see the headliner @[email protected] at the Event! Drive them to your booth after their keynote with this link!

6. Keep it short and sweet. You don't want your message to get lost in the inbox, so keep the subject clear and to the point. Additionally, emails are often opened on a mobile device, so keeping the subject short ensures it can be fully read on a smaller screen.

7. Use a familiar sender name. Your "from" address is just as important as the message itself. When using our Message Partner tool, you can choose who you want the email to come from, so make sure you use a real email address, as responses will be sent there! Also, if it's more personalized, the friendlier the email looks, so they'll be more likely to open it. So try to use your own email, rather than "noreply @" 

8. Get personal. If possible, use the recipient's name in the email. With the Message Partners tool, there are a lot of options for personalization using keywords imported with Invite Pages. Unfortunately, our keywords don't work in the subject line yet, but we recommend using them in the email body! You can also use emojis in the subject line, so don't be afraid to get creative.

9. Start with action-oriented verbs. Subject lines are similar to calls-to-action, in that you want the language to inspire people to open the email. Subject lines that begin with action verbs tend to be a lot more enticing, and your emails could be drastically more clickable by adding a vibrant verb at the beginning.

  • Attend our can't-miss event!
  • Register using this promo code!
  • Open for your free personalized invite page!

10. Make the recipient feel special. The psychology of exclusivity is a powerful thing. When people feel like they're on the inside, it gives them a sense of belonging that could build loyalty and compel them to convert better on your emails.

The right phrasing can make your recipients feel special -- and the effect can be magical. A few ideas for phrasing include:

  • "For our beloved customers only"
  • "An exclusive offer for you"
  • "Our gift to you"
  • "You're invited!"
  • "Private invite"

11. Use numbers. If you have the data, use it! Being more precise with your subject line and letting them know exactly what's inside can lead to a higher open rate. 

  • Promo code for 50% off inside.
  • Join 250 industry leaders at our event!
  • 10 tips for higher email open rates!

Common Questions

What keywords can I use in the Partner Message?

There are plenty of default keywords you can use in your partner message, and they can all be found when you click the "Help" button in the email body section of the Message Partners tool. You can also find them below:

You can also use any custom keywords that were imported along with your Partner Data, like promo code, first name, or booth number. 

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