Last Updated 7/23/2018.

There are a few necessary steps in order to launch your first Facebook campaigns through Feathr. First, you should Organize your Facebook Accounts. While you're organizing your Facebook Accounts to set up your Ad Account, you can also verify your Facebook payment.

Verifying your Payments in Facebook

Your Feathr account must have a valid payment method configured on Facebook in order to launch Facebook Ad campaigns within Feathr.

  1. Login to your Facebook Ad Account. You should have already configured and organized your Facebook Accounts following the instructions here.
  2. Select the gear icon in the top right corner, which will take you to your 'Settings'

3. Select the 'Payment Settings' on the left side panel. 

4. Click 'Add Payment Method' to add your credit card information. 

Once you've done this, let your [email protected] know so that they can confirm these settings in your Feathr Account.

Once this has been confirmed, you can follow the next steps below to launch your Facebook campaigns through Feathr. 

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