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For those of you who are using Pardot, the marketing automation tool by Salesforce, you may be also be using Pardot forms. You can implement the Feathr Super Pixel into your Pardot form in order to capture that data back into Feathr, too!

Start by creating your Pardot form, or locating it in Pardot if you've already made one. For directions on building a Pardot form, read this article

Placing the Super Pixel on Your Pardot Form

Once you've created your form, navigate to the Thank You Content tab.

  1. On the 'Thank You Content' tab, you’ll see the content that appears when someone submits your form. 
  2. On the 'Thank You Code' tab, paste the Feathr Super Pixel that you want to run after form submission.
  3. Add any completion actions.
  4. Click 'Next'.
  5. Confirm and save your form.

Finding the Conversion Segment URL

Once your form is created and published, find it on your site. 

  1. Right click on the form and click 'Inspect'

      2. The HTML code should pop up and you can look for a Pardot URL.
      3. Copy this URL. This is the completed submission form URL. Since we placed the pixel into the 'Thank You Code' tab, it only fires upon form submission.

Creating your Conversion Segment

  1. Go back to Feathr, and create a new segment. Use the filter: 'Activity > URL > Equals > (Insert Pardot Form URL here)' and save your segment. 
  2. Now, you can use this as a conversion Goal in your campaign to capture form submissions!

Common Questions

Am I able to capture custom information from Pardot form fills?
At this time, Pardot doesn't accept custom script to capture their form fill information to pull into Feathr. If you have a Pardot account manager and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, please introduce them as we'd love to work with them and figure out an integration!

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