Last Updated 10/9/18.

Is your campaign not doing so hot? Do you want to reallocate the budget of this campaign to a different one? Or maybe you just want to turn it off? Follow to steps below to disable a campaign to prevent it from further activity and spending.

How to Disable a Campaign

  1. Click 'Events' in the left side navigation panel.
  2. Under the appropriate event, select either the 'Ad' or 'Invite' tab depending on your type of campaign.
  3. Find the campaign you want to disable. 

4. Select the down caret to the right of the 'Details' button.
5. Select 'Disable Campaign'.

6. Your campaign will automatically turn gray and say "Disabled" to identify that it is turned off.

7. Your campaign has successfully been disabled! This means it will "turn off" and no longer show ads to those in the targeted segment(s), and will stop spending any more of its allocated budget.

Common Questions

Can I enable a campaign after I've disabled it?
You sure can. The "disable" button turns into an "enable" button on disabled campaigns.

Why does it look like there are more impressions and clicks, even though I disabled my campaign?
When you disable your campaign, you are effectively turning it off. However, if someone has their browser window open where your ad is still showing, comes back to that page later, and then proceeds to click on your ad, that would count as an additional impression and click. By the time the ad appears on a page, it's already been paid for, so there is no need to "remove" the ad from that page. At this point, just think of it as getting a little extra exposure. You may only get one or two additional clicks after disabling it, or none at all, so don't worry.

Why are some of my campaigns already disabled?
A campaign will automatically disable itself once it hits its target budget. Otherwise, if the campaign reaches its end date before spending all of the allocated budget, it will automatically stop, but it won't appear as "disabled." 

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