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Every event has a different set of challenges and needs each show cycle; below we've broken down the needs we encounter most frequently into four categories: Audience Expansion, Exhibitor/Sponsor Sign Ups, Attendee Registration and Pre/Post-Show Engagement. For each need we've offered a selection of campaign ideas to help you build your Marketing plan. 

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Audience Expansion

Looking to grow your audience and reach new prospects? The following campaigns offer some general campaign ideas of how you can start to get more exposure. 

Audience Expansion campaigns are most effective at driving eventual registrations and exhibitor sign ups when they're used early in a show cycle. It's important to remember that the Goal of an Audience Expansion campaign is not to have a new prospect immediately register for your event, but rather to get them to visit your website and join your website traffic. Once a new prospect has joined your website traffic and become a member of your Full Site Segment, you can target them with more specific campaigns to continue moving them down the conversion funnel towards registration.

Exhibitor / Sponsor Sign Ups

Below are suggestions of campaigns you can run to target Exhibitor and Sponsor prospects. These campaigns can also target Exhibitor/Sponsor Keyword Search and Lookalike audiences to reach new prospects.

Campaign Goals for Exhibitor and Sponsor targeted campaigns are harder to track, as the final conversion almost always comes through during a direct sales conversation with a member of your team. However, exhibitor and sponsor facing campaigns play an important role in boosting the visibility of your event, and if your exhibitor prospects see the effort you're making to get them to the show, they can be sure you're working hard to make sure the right attendees will be there. 

You can also retarget your already signed-up Exhibitors to become Sponsors by targeting a list of your current and/or past Exhibitors. Remember, it's usually hard to track Sponsor and Exhibitor sales, unless the entire process is able to be tracked online. Either way, you can still drive these prospects to fill out a form and know that you drove their interest. 

Attendee Registration

Below are campaign suggestions that will help you begin to plan your Marketing strategy to drive attendee registrations to your show.

Keep in mind that the above just begins to scratch the surface of the campaigns you can run for your event. For example, you can combine campaign ideas as well to create Early Bird Shopping Cart Abandoner campaigns or Last Chance Special Event campaigns. If you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, schedule a strategy call for a more in depth conversation about what might work well for your event.

Pre and Post-Show Engagement

Want to keep your Attendees, Exhibitors, and Sponsors engaged after the show ends or get them to engage more onsite? See the below suggestions of campaigns you can run to help increase engagement pre and post-show. 

Post-show campaigns are a great way to drive email sign ups or PDF downloads of the event recap. You can also utilize one of these campaigns to retarget the exhibitors from this year's event and urge them to re-book their spot early for next year.

Common Questions:

How many campaigns should I run?
There's no magic number of campaigns to run--it will be different for each unique event. 

How do I determine each campaign's budget?
If you've worked with Feathr before, it's a good idea to take a look at what you spent on your campaigns the year prior. That's always a good place to start. Another good strategy to use is to plan on spending at least $1 in media per attendee to be able to serve enough ads to make an impact. However, this varies based on the size of your event.

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