Last Updated 10/9/18.

Feathr allows you to export a list of every person who converted due to your campaign. Read on to learn how to export a list of your conversions. 

Exporting Campaign Conversions

1. Navigate to your Event under the 'Events' tab found on the left navigation pane, and find the campaign you want to export conversions for.

2. Click on the 'Details' button next to your campaign to be taken to the Campaign Details Page. 

3. Once you are in your campaign's Details Page, navigate to the 'Performance' tab. 

4. Select 'Export'

5. Your conversion list will export as a spreadsheet and includes:

  • Date: The date each person converted
  • Name: The name of the person who converted - if you are tracking custom data, otherwise this will be "Anonymous" 
  • Email: The email address associated to the person - again, only if you are tracking custom data, otherwise this will be blank
  • Conversion Segment: The segment the person entered to become a conversion

6. You can now use this list for external purposes, or cross-referencing the conversion dates with your registration information.

Common Questions

How can I used my conversion list?
Your conversion list allows you to reference the success of your campaigns on the spot. Conversion lists can be especially handy when you have set multiple Goals for your campaign. You can filter your conversions by conversion segment to see all those who completed that Goal in one place. 

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